Custom Fit & Feel

Narrow-Gauge Designs offers five standard bracelet sizes: 

 5.5" - XXS

  6.0" - XS/S

6.5" - S/M

7.0" - M/L

7.5" - L

as well as a "Custom" option. In offering these sizes, we allow you to select the size that fits YOU...not just the one that works. To find the size that works best for you, follow one or both of the steps below.


>>>> Printable Tape Measure  <<<<

Option 1: Measure your wrist using a sewing tape measure.  Please consider whether you prefer fitted or loose. (Fitted is highly recommended for the Minimalist style to ensure your happiness with our product.) The bracelets shown in the above picture, mark the perfect area to place the measuring tape.

Our recommendation is to add .25" to your wrist measurement

to find your size

Example 1: The wrist measures 6" so we recommend purchasing (depending on your preferred fit) a 6.25" in a Minimalist (This would be a Custom) And/Or a 6.25" - 6.5" in a Single bracelet. 
Example 2: The wrist measures 7.25" so we recommend purchasing (depending on your preferred fit) a 7.5" in a Minimalist (This would be a Custom) And/OR a 7.25" - 7.5" in a Single bracelet


Option 2: Select a bracelet from home that provides the fit you enjoy and measure that bracelet.  Voila! You have found your size. Please remember, we highly recommend a more fitted version when ordering a Minimalist.

Important to Note - CUSTOM

If your size does not align with one of our standard sizes, you may choose to select "Custom" in the drop-down menu. There may or may not be an additional cost depending on the bracelet ordered.  
If ordering a Minimalist Bracelet, a more fitted size (not tight) is recommended.