Friends & Family Program

Simply put, we want to reward YOU for supporting us and sharing your
Narrow-Gauge jewelry. 
What is the Friends and Family Program?  
Our jewelry looks its best when it is actually worn by someone. We find the old saying "pictures don't do it justice" to be very true with our jewelry. When you wear our jewelry, you are showcasing us in the perfect way. When someone compliments you on your bracelet or asks you where you bought those earrings...sharing our name is the best advertising we can ask for and referrals are the highest compliment. 
Friends & Family Members Receive:
  • A personalized discount code to share with friends:
They receive $10 off their first purchase.
You earn 1 Point each time this code is used. 
10 Points = 1 FREE product from the shop
  • Personalized cards to hand out as you see fit.
How do I join?
Simply email us and let us know you'd like to be a part of our Friends & Family program. That will get the ball rolling.