About Narrow-Gauge Designs

The short version:

Narrow-Gauge Designs is a jewelry mercantile providing unique handmade designs by a fine gal who goes by the name Esla Andrew. She can pretty much custom size your bracelet with one eye closed. Oh and she likes old stuff and ghost towns. 


The long, wordy version:

Narrow-Gauge Designs merges my love of history, handwork, and gemstones that began with my discovery of a single dime from 1914 in my family's pasture when I was very little. Childhood searches for stream bed treasures and a beading hobby has led me full-circle; intersecting a family mining history and pioneer spirit, with my desire to create simple, weightless, yet elegant bracelets using only natural gemstones.

Hello! I'm Esla, and I am the woman behind Narrow-Gauge Designs. I grew up in Paso Robles, California with a family who thankfully and unknowingly bestowed upon me creativity, an entrepreneurial mindset and a respect for the past. My paternal grandmother loved genealogy and wrote numerous books about our family. My father, his father, and all of his siblings have been business owners. It was only natural that my brother and I would be drawn to a similar path. My mother and her parents loved antiques. I spent countless hours following my mom around antique stores and it wasn't until I became an adult that I began to appreciate all that "stuff." We participated in the annual Paso Robles Pioneer Day almost every year and even our Christmas cards were sometimes a throwback to the past as seen above. I now have a family of my own; a husband and three children that are hopefully "inspired" when they follow me through antique stores.

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